Culinary Excitement!

April 14th, 2017 - Louis Roden

One of the best things about travel for me is food! The finest way to experience a culture, region, city, or any microcosm is through what people eat and drink – what delightful things can be experienced and enjoyed!


Marrying the culinary experience with the travel destination is something that Eterno Escapes is so excited about! We understand that when our guests are staying in a luxury villa, their desire to dine likely comes along with them! I've had the honor and pleasure to work, eat and play with some of the finest chefs around the world...bringing these amazing experiences to life for Eterno clients is simply another part of our delightful committed delivery of experience!

Whether you want a served fine dining experience or something more whimsical and interactive, Eterno is ready to make sure your desire is fulfilled! Imagine a week like this at a luxury villa in Punta Mita, Mexico...

  • The Chef makes several amazing dishes from the fish that you caught that day, from perfect ceviche, a spicy stew for a second starter, and seared filets that melt in your mouth...
  • The Chef that sits with you and your best friend as you sample the finest, small batch tequila – labels you may not have heard of – personally selecting the perfect ones for the evenings' cocktail hour...
  • The fun cooking class that everyone participates in, even the kids if they are there, as you all craft the most amazing taco display filled with Carne Asada, Pulpo, Pesce, and everything else freshly available from land or sea! We'll even arrange for a guitar player to match the tempo of the cooking spirit!

Eterno Escapes is all about providing the experience that you and your family or traveling companions wish to have. Part of this is making sure that your in-villa culinary experience – whether you want to make everything yourself, want everything provided, or anything in between – match your expectations. We are committed to your experience!

It's All About Committed Delivery!

April 7th, 2017 - Louis Roden

As the new "share" business models began sweeping the globe, from ride services to rooms, the idea of quality assurance was seldom considered. These new-economy companies were merely the matchmakers, not responsible for the experience, but only brokering the transaction. Early match-making services were the first to enter this world and, despite their attempts to fully vet everyone as much as electronically possible, your dream date more often than not turned out to be far less than you expected based on their online profile!


This disappointment continues in the world of vacation home/room share sites. The current providers out there play the same role as the matchmakers – they bring the parties together and hope all goes well...and hope is an awful guest service strategy. When you are spending your most valued commodity, you want and expect a committed delivery regarding service – and that most valued commodity isn't money, its time. If the luxury vacation home you arranged disappoints you, of course you want your money back – but that doesn't fix your spoiled vacation. Most of us want our time back, especially when we are talking about days or weeks. No refund can replace that.

It often isn't even the big things that may matter in a lack of a service and amenity guarantee...or committed delivery as we call it – it is often the culmination of many things...a frustrated vacation experience aggregated by a thousand little cuts! I have a very real personal example that readily brings this to light!

My family and I rented a luxury vacation home on the beach in Mexico. After we arrived, we were delighted by the physical property – it was magnificent and appeared in person just the way it had in the pictures on the website. From there, the experience began to erode. There wasn't a sharp knife to be found in a drawer full of broken and butter-knife dull plates, the water pressure and temperature was awful, and the refrigerator smelled like it had been used to only store fish – uncovered fish. The ice tasted like the refrigerator smelled. This was all discovered after only an hour or so in this seemingly magnificent home!

The owner had arranged a chef for us and we were thrilled to have a cook for the week! On her first day, she was drunk on our liquor by 11am and sleeping in the back of her car. Emails to the homeowner went unreturned. Needless to say, we asked her not to return and cooked our own meals! The housekeeper promised was also our drunk chef...once again, we handled the cleaning duties ourselves.

There are many more examples of things that went wrong that week...of things that we expected to be there, that just weren't – from garbage bags to dish soap. We made the best of it, but that's the thing – when renting a luxury home, you want a luxury experience – you don't want to have to "make the best of it" WANT the best of it! Without committed delivery or service, you simply can not expect any level of exemplary experience.

At Eterno, we aren't only the matchmakers...we are the experience makers! We will assure the sharp knives, working water, sober (and excellent) chefs, competent housekeepers, and everything that you have come to expect – and even great things you may not expect – from the finest hotels and resorts in the world! How do we do that? We aren't real estate professionals, we aren't "share economy" experts, we are hoteliers and hospitality experts. You wont only be renting a luxury home, you will be receiving a level of service that you may expect from the finest resorts in the world. That is Eterno Escapes!

Introducing Eterno Escapes

April 1st, 2017 - Deidre Bakker-Riches

In today's digital world, there are a variety of vacation rental options available for travelers to choose from. From timeshares, VRBO, AirBnB, members-only clubs and more, the sky is truly the limit when selecting your next vacation. However, oftentimes, guests are left disappointed by the service and quality of the properties when they book from online portals where individual renters have sole discretion over how their product is presented and delivered. On the other hand, travelers can sign up for members-only clubs where they have to pay exorbitant fees to private travel portfolios simply to gain access to their properties.


With this notion in mind, we realized that there was a better option that could be offered to travelers — providing access to luxury vacation homes and villas throughout the world that deliver the high standards, consistency, customer service and amenities of a five-star hotel with no membership fees attached. Not to mention, providing the sophisticated knowledge and expertise from longtime luxury hoteliers to deliver an unrivaled experience. We like to call this new vacation concept Eterno Escapes — welcome to our world!

Eterno Escapes Founders, Pedro Zapata and Lou Roden envisioned this business model to provide travelers with the ultimate luxury vacation experience. Whether you are looking to relax, learn, escape, or explore, Eterno Escapes was created with one simple desire in mind — to redefine your travel experience at every turn. Each Eterno Escapes property has been meticulously selected and inspected to meet our very high standards. From a romantic beachfront condo to a spacious five-bedroom house, be assured that we have hand selected each and every property to deliver an unparalleled luxury vacation.


Now Available to Book — Punta Mita

Recently opened in April 2017, Eterno Escapes travel portfolio will include luxury properties in some of the world's most desirable travel destinations. To begin, travelers can book from six stunning three or four-bedroom homes in breathtaking Punta Mita, Mexico.

Located just north of vibrant Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita is one of Mexico's most striking geographic formations, which has become home to well-known resort communities. Travelers are drawn to this incredible area on the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the picturesque outdoors and relaxing culture. Whether you are looking to scuba dive to the hidden coral reefs, take a dip in a cooling waterfall, enjoy a relaxing sunset stroll along the pristine sandy beaches, or visit the dynamic Punta Mita Village, Punta Mita offers something for everyone. Click here to learn more about our beautiful Punta Mita properties.

Coming Later This Year

Coming later this year, we will be introducing new destinations for travellers to book, including stunning international properties in Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, Tuscany, Paris and London, as well as domestic destinations in New York, Las Vegas, Telluride, Vail, Miami, Rosemary Beach, Lake Tahoe, Maui, and Kohala.

Please stay tuned for more exciting Eterno Escapes news and updates and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. In the meantime, sit back and relax and allow us to take your luxury vacation experience to the next level!